Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ohio Growth Summit kicks off

Me and Chris Brogan - at the Ohio Growth Summit Tweetup

Tonight tweetup kicked off the Ohio Growth Summit. ..Ohio's premiere venue for small business' to get educated and networked to GROW...

Yours truly will not be able to attend Wed's event and so will be missing (I'm bummed) Jim Canterucci's discussion on Personal Brilliance and Chris Brogan (nationally renowned Social Media expert) will speak about

How the New Web Humanizes Small Business

Your customers are online and they’re looking for information. Whether you’re in a small B2B operation or a consumer-facing company, people use the web to learn about you, your products, and your service. They want more than simple facts. They want reviews. They want interaction. And now, they want to know about the people behind the product. How do you build trust and preserve attention in a world where both are in short supply?

- the tweetstream hashtag for the Ohio Growth Summit is - #OGS2009

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