Monday, June 8, 2009

International Bootstrapping Association - June 10 -Meeting: Legal Issues

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The subject for the June meeting of the IBA is Legal Issues. We don't mean this to be all negative, so don't think lawsuits only! We want you to bring your experiences related to the law and how it affects your bootstrapped business. We will discuss subjects such as incorporating your business, legal agreements, licenses, partnership documents, and yes, lawsuits and how to avoid them.
The meeting will begin with some facilitated discussion of various legal issues and things to think about relating to the law and your business. This unique twist on the panel discussion will put you on the panel and give you a chance to create some starter ideas for the second half of the meeting.
The second part of the meeting is our highly effective small group study where we use the C-SAR format to address your challenges and draw out the situations, actions, and results from the others in your group.
We look forward to meeting you!

REMINDER: Actual registration for the meeting must occur on our website,


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