Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wyliemac Gives Back - Grass roots sponsorship of niche tech events

Ben's note: Please take a moment to read - Alvin is a incredible community leader who's working very hard to build a strong vibrant community. He's an example of someone who's chosen to be part of the solution and not content with letting others do the the heavy lifting - kudos Alvin aka @wyliemac

Wyliemac Gives Back

As you know, I organize, with the help of many people, some tech events around Columbus, like Startup Weekend, Ignite, and WordCamp. Along with my many co-organizers, these events cannot be done without the help of some awesome sponsors and venues. I’ve found that there’s a lot of people that want to sponsor and support tech events in Columbus. But you have to find them.

And other than Startup Weekend, the big institutional investors seem reluctant to sponsor small niche tech events like the ones I put on. As a thank you to my sponsors, I’d like to give back by helping tech events in Columbus find sponsors. Little sponsors. You and I. The ones with “personal brands”.

I want to put together a syndicate of people that give a little to pool their money for sponsorship. The event will have a link to a landing page with all of the individual sponsors and we’ll also set up individual pages so you can get some Google juice.

The first event I want to do this for is Why eRubyCon? Because it’s being put on by EdgeCase, which have sponsored Startup Weekend and Ignite. Thanks objo!

The bronze level of sponsorship is $750. I’d like to get 30 or 31 people to commit $25 a piece to sponsor this great tech event. Comment below if you want to help me out. If I can get enough to commit, then I’ll collect money and we’ll get it done. (Click here to comment and contribute)



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