Friday, May 22, 2009

Green movement picks up speed

Want to do something green? Bike to work. Use different light bulbs. Clean with vinegar instead of grocery store cleaning solutions. Plant a vegetable garden... And the list goes on.

Truth is, if you do it, there's probably a way to do it green. But how? And how can you fit it into your life style?

Answering questions like these is the mission of the newly formed Columbus Green Life group, an organization dedicated to bringing together individuals and organizations in Columbus who want to be green.

"We're starting to see a behavior change in the way that people live in Columbus as far as the environment," says Andrew Spott, one of the group's co-founders. "But right now, the efforts seem kind of scattered. We started Columbus Green Life so that all the momentum can be combined."

People who are interested in the green movement can join the community at There, they'll find a list of environmentally friendly resources, as well as a place to post questions. And Columbus Green Life isn't just online.

"We're partnering with other organizations to hold real time events, too. It's about creating a passionate green community in Columbus - both online and offline," says Spott.

In April, for example, Columbus Green Life presented the Green Transportation Workshop along with Consider Biking and Third Hand. The workshop shared ways that Columbus commuters could replace some of their vehicle transportation with biking and walking. Future plans include a variety of events, from workshops on how to green your office to networking get-togethers.

Columbus Green Life is open to all, whether you've been doing it for a while or are just now exploring going green.

As Spott puts it, "Anyone that has an interest in sustainable living is invited to contribute. Everyone can post questions, share ideas, and suggest events. We really want the whole community involved."

For more information, or to join Columbus Green Life, take a look at the Green Life site.

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