Thursday, May 28, 2009

Resource Interactive : weThink » Social Media Tools to the Rescue

Resource Interactive : weThink » Social Media Tools to the Rescue

For all the things we love about e-commerce, the reality is occasionally it doesn't work out the way we (consumers) want it to. And you can't just run to the store and make an exchange when it's a purchase from, oh, say, a boutique on the other side of the country.

So how do we get our problems fixed so we're happy consumers? (And how to brands recover from little mishaps?)

A fellow Resourcian shared a story with me about an online purchase gone bad. She'd ordered a coffee table book for her mom's birthday. It arrived all wrapped up (so nice, she was tempted to give it to her mom like that). A few hours before she was about to give it to her, she decided to re-wrap it and found the book damaged.

She called the toll-free number. Got a machine.
She sent an email. Didn't hear back.
Two days later she found the company had a Twitter account, so she Tweeted to them about answering her email about the damaged gift.
That was when the company responded. (They said her email had gotten stuck in their spam filter.)

So here's Twitter providing value to a customer - cheap, easy and fast. In this on-demand world, consumers need to be able to reach the brands they're doing business with--for good reasons or bad. And brands who want to stay on our short lists should be listening when we have something to Tweet about. Do you have someone assigned (and empowered) to manage this for your brand?


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