Friday, May 1, 2009

Open Position - CIO - Ohio Dept of Mental Health

>Apply on-line at, select “Search for State of Ohio Government Jobs”, then under Agency select “Mental Health-Central Office”.

Job Duties: Under administrative direction from Deputy Director of Administrative Services, serves as Chief of the Office of Information Services (OIS) for the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH): responsible for the development & implementation of “The Strategic Plan for ODMH Information Systems Management” consistent with & supportive of the ODMH Mission, Vision, Values & Goals; acts for, and on behalf, of the Director in carrying out the following duties: 1) acts for, and on behalf of the Director in the absence of the Deputy Director in areas related to information services/technology, 2) signs for the Director on documents related to information services & technology.; serves as information technology (IT) representative to ensure that ODMH is ready for, and making the most of, IT trends in its mission-focused strategic plan; defines & maintains IT strategy as an integral part of the organizational mission strategy; defines, creates & supports innovation by using IT to advance ODMH’s major initiatives (e.g., redesign MH financing system, improve & enhance clinical quality & efficiency, align internal & external technology, etc); develops strategies to include IT in ODMH policy development & operations; provides leadership in using & adapting technology to the mental health system (e.g. hospital services, mental health boards, community agencies, consumer groups, governmental agencies, etc.) engages, involves, manages expectations, & develops partnerships with internal & external customers (e.g., the State of Ohio Chief Information Officer, ODMH Deputy Directors/Office Chiefs, ODMH staff, community leadership, consumer groups) to advance technology in the mental health system; provides leadership within ODMH by working with Deputy Directors/Office Chiefs/Managers to define problems & develop solutions to business unit issues using information technology; provides leadership in developing solutions that advance the department’s objectives & helps set the strategic direction for ODMH. Administers large computer division in Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH), Central Office, supervising multi-section managers who supervise second-line supervisors: creates & sustains an OIS organization that provides quality services in support of the overall mission-focused organizational objectives; develops, implements, & administers goals & objectives for OIS consistent with the ODMH mission & to maintain operational efficiency; manages information technology program & administers all computer operations (e.g., programs, programming, systems design/operation, data processing, data base development/maintenance, testing plans, software/hardware acquisition/upkeep); develops/implements policies/ procedures, prepares/monitors budget, & establishes priorities & sets work output & quality standards; supports the recruitment, development & retention of a qualified, diverse & culturally competent workforce within OIS (e.g., reviews/selects candidates, evaluates work, administers discipline, hears final level grievances, initiates personnel actions, supports & supervises training & staff development; produces/implements management plans; assesses needs/problems, answers high level inquiries, & settles disputes). Identifies/evaluates/assesses state-wide mental health operations information & electronic data processing needs & manages maintenance of records/reports: reviews high level confidential &/or sensitive data processing requirements & operations & provides advisory administrative program development input; plans, administers development of, & oversees maintenance of hard copy & electronic records; approves hardware & software acquisition plans; resolves most difficult & complex administrative problems; prepares reports & writes position papers.

Minimum Qualifications: Completion of undergraduate core coursework in computer science, business or public administration, data processing, engineering, geology, mathematics or comparable academic major which included at least one course in each of following: advanced computer programming language (e.g., COBOL, Delphi, Java, Powerbuilder, Visual Basic), logicbased mathematics, data base processing concepts (e.g., Oracle, Microsoft Access, Paradox, Sybase, IMS DB, DB 2) &

basic data processing concepts; additional 8 yrs. education or exp. commensurate with job duties to be performed &

Knowledge & skills required as outlined in approved position description on file for position to be filled as advertised in job

Posting; 2 ½ yrs. (30 mos.) supervisory or project management exp.; 3 courses or 9 mos. exp. in budgeting.

Note: Associate degree in one named or comparable academic majors may be substituted for required undergraduate

core coursework. -Or 9 yrs. exp. commensurate with job duties to be performed & knowledge & skills required as outlined in posting; 2 ½ yrs. (30 mos.) supervisory or project management exp.; 3 courses or 9 mos. exp. in budgeting. -Or equivalent of Minimum Qualifications For Employment noted above.

Special Qualifications: All state employees must agree to direct deposit of their payroll check. This position is unclassified, selected applicant must successfully complete a pre-employment background investigation and drug screen.

Dorothy Evener
HCM Manager
614-752-9699 (fax)


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