Sunday, February 1, 2009

Get greater returns from your social media - a thought from Social Boomerang

Never underestimate the OPPORTUNITY of social media…

Gain a new blog reader.
Send someone new to your website.
Get a job…Cheryl Harrison got her most recent job via twitter
Meet a new business partner.
Engage a speaker.
Find a new event in town – Personal Brilliance and OSU Leadership Event was publicized totally through social media.
Meet someone new – I met Sara Rampersaud and many others via social networking.
Get a great business idea to jumpstart your business.
Find a new community activity to give your time to.
Purchase a new product – I just bought a shelf for my exercise bike I can attach my laptop to.
So many more!
Continue to engage in social media and reap the rewards. Oh, and please share you stories of the neat things that have happened in your life as a result of engaging in social media. We want to hear. Post your comments to this article on our blog. [url=][/url]

By Sandy Blanquera


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