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Introducing Robbie Spencer - 16 year old guest blogger - Obama. A Man for Peace. A Man for Change.

In the twitter world I've gotten a chance to meet a lot of interesting people. I'd like to introduce someone I think you'll be hearing a lot about.

Robbie Spencer is a 16 year old blogger from Columbus, Ohio. Specializing in Technology and Finance, he has been activity blogging since September of 08 and Twitter since August. Currently he attends DeVry University, focusing on Network System Administration and will graduate in June 2009 with an Associate's Degree. In addition, he is in the beginning stages of launching his own start up,, an e-commerce site which hopes to cater to the needs of gamers worldwide.

I asked Robbie to share his thoughts about yesterday's inauguration. Following is what he had to say. - Thanks Robbie - Welcome to our blog

Obama. A Man for Peace. A Man for Change.
When someone says Obama, my mind does something interesting. I don't instantly think of the President. It makes me think of the man behind the title. A man who, three years ago, was new to the seat as Senator. A man who, when things looked grim and Hillary Clinton was in the running for the presidential bid, and in line to win, did not give up and in fact went on the defeat his opponent. A man who, in front of over one million people, yes, one million people, delivered one of the most powerful and influential speeches I've ever heard. This is a person who brought together a nation founded by men who owned slaves. A nation that, only 50 years ago, used fire hoses to blast down people of color who were peacefully marching down a street. The country has seen much, but in my humble opinion, I think much of what our country has experienced fails to reach the level of inspiration the inauguration of President Barrack Obama brought us yesterday.
As I watched the inauguration yesterday, something dawned on me. The nation did not just have an African American officially take his seat as President of the United States, the nation received relief. Relief from the longest war in US history. Relief from a struggling economy. And relief from a mental barrier that, weather we knew it or not, had in the back of all the minds of Americans. However, that brings to question, is color the only reason for celebration? No. It is not. Colin Powell brought up a good point in an interview he conducted early Tuesday morning. He said that Barrack Obama is intelligent, well equipped, charismatic, and African American. In that order. The fact that our President is African American has nothing to do with his ability to be a fit President. He already, even before being sworn in, was pushing for new policies and meeting with members of Congress in order to come up with a game plan to attack different issues he plans to address. In addition, even before his bid for President, he backed programs and services within Illinois to cushion the economy, lower crime, and pass legislation. And then as a Presidential Candidate, he brought the two major parties in America: Democrats and Republicans, together in order to make a more unified nation. Also, with a steady and inspiring voice, he preached his ideologies and plans for the future, not just to convince America, but the world that the United States is changing. And unlike the past 8 years, we are changing for the better. No more will the elderly have to choose between if they shall eat or buy their pills. No more shall we have to worry about only spending so much here so we can fill up our tank and get to there. We are changing.
And as a message to other countries, Obama made it perfectly clear in his inauguration speech that the United States is not going away. As he said, it may seem that America has a "nagging fear of our inevitable decline" but in fact, we are moving forward, ready to change that appearance. We are here to stay and we shall repair the relationships that were broken in the previous years. Making the United States energy independent, I think, will help in making this clear to the rest of the world that we are only getting stronger. By bringing our focus away form areas that are no longer profitable or good for the nation and focusing on areas that will only benefit us, we can change the world's image of a spoiled and lazy America. Obama plans to make the proper laws, acts, and amendments in order to make this process as smooth and efficient as possible.
As a young person in America, I look to people like Obama for inspiration. A position traditionally held by "older" person, now has a face my generation can relate to. When we look for a leader, we have someone well accomplished and doing things never thought possible who is "plugged-in" to what we associate with. Obama managed to bring in new technologies into his campaign, using tools like Twitter, Blogs, and the Social Networks to reach a new generation of voters. 9 out of 10 eighteen year olds are not watching that Presidential debate. What we are doing however is watching video streams on Ustream or checking updates on Facebook. Obama successfully showed that he knows that we are watching, just in a different way, that he was able to recognize and utilize to the best of his ability.
America is sick and we need someone like Obama to heal our wounds. There are questions to our economy, state of peace; threat of imminent attack, the list goes on. However, Obama proved yesterday that America is the one country that can handle it. Prepare for swift and large movements in legislation. Prepare for a shift in how the economy is weighed and where our focus shall settle. Prepare for lower gas prices as we work toward energy independence. Prepare for change.
Martin Luther King delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. In it he made the quote:
"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."
Obama proved that yesterday. He proved that America is not just a country of men who lead the world with the same ideas and beliefs from when the country was established. No, in fact what makes America are the men, women, children, and grandchildren who give to others and help make this country. It is those people who make this country great. And Barrack Obama is the only man fit to lead these people as President of the United States of America.
-Robbie Spencer

Robbie Spencer aka VirginIncVuture


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