Monday, December 8, 2008

ContractorID launched

Service Launched to directly link IT contractors with hiring organizations without intermediaries and their associated surcharge costs

Columbus, Ohio, United States, 12/7/2008 - ContractorID is a staffing portal that provides a direct, fast, and reliable forum for IT contractors to get exposure to organizations of all sizes needing their services, and for same organizations to tap into the fast growing market of IT contractors without incurring the cost of an intermediary.

In a highly competitive and commoditized IT market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for IT Contractors to stand out and for hiring companies to find good talent. ContractorID is a new service from an energetic start-up company of the same name. The service gives IT contractors the ability to post their credentials, availability and rate to all interested organizations. This is an avenue for all existing and aspiring IT contractors to have the ability to get maximum exposure with low risk. It also allows them to market themselves directly without risking losing a potential assignment for reasons relating to poor negotiating and/or prohibitive surcharge by a representing agent.

ContractorID is a new company, but it was created by seasoned leaders from the technology consulting industry. Jim Mazotas is a founder and the CEO of ContractorID, along with Moez Chaabouni and Brian Ross. Mazotas discusses one reason that there is a critical need for this new service: “In recent years, since the independent IT contractor business has grown bigger and more popular, staffing companies have been using it to their advantage. They would capture and represent as many of these independent contractors as they can get in touch with. They make their profit by adding surcharges to the hourly rate of the contractor. This has eroded the reputation of some staffing companies because of the commoditized approach to selling.” There is a growing feeling that such companies are skimming off the top without providing much value to the customer or the independent contractor. They are matchmakers. However, unlike any conventional matchmaker, their moneymaking opportunity is not a one-time deal but rather a continual surcharge fee on every billed hour.

Mazotas believes that organizations, and contractors alike, will find that ContractorID addresses important staffing needs for them. With its proprietary “STIC-Certified” designation, ContractorID gives both sides a way of distinguishing the best-of-the-best. Unlike other IT designations and certifications, the STIC-Certified Designation is not about technology. It is rather about the individual performing a service. It is more about who they are instead of what they do. A STIC-Certified Contractor is someone who has taken the necessary rigorous steps to distinguish themselves as a trustworthy IT Professional with strong ethics. In order for a Contractor to carry the STIC-Certified Designation, he or she must demonstrate a great level of ethics and reliability by meeting some rigorous requirements such as submitting to a voluntary background check, drug screening, maintaining a minimum level of positive endorsement, and attending and passing designated classes on IT security and Computing Ethics. Mazotas adds “We want ContractorID with the STIC-Certified designation to become the defacto standard for good hardworking ethical IT professionals.”

ContractorID ( is located in Columbus, Ohio. It is overseen by a Board of Advisors, which includes experienced senior leaders from other organizations in the business community.


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