Thursday, December 18, 2008

2009 Predictions - Check them out and tell us what you think

From the pages of Columbus Tech Life wiki -

Dan aka @floozyspeak, Lextant

1. Apple makes a netbook, comes out with a new iphone with built in compass and other cool stuff
2. DOW takes a fall on more woes but the Obama promise rings the cattle call, hits 11k by years end
3. I will buy a house, get married, redo my blog, and lose 60 pounds
4. crowdsourcing takes off, JoeMetric wows many and rocks the planet
5. brand monitoring/social media insight and data mining continues to boom but real understanding of what it all means is lacking
6. Yahoo gets bought at $18 a share by Nokia
7. location based services becomes the new wild wild west for advertising, and it fails without understanding what consumers want first
8. Google buys New York Times and begins implementing heavy usage of QR codes in print advertising
9. 20-40 notable web 2.0 startups get the pinch as VC dries up and revenue models on advertising alone fizzle out
10. Battlestar Galactica spurs fans with seriously ridiculous plot twist.. everyone is a cylon

Click here for more predictions and to tell us what are your 2009 predictions


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