Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TechColumbus Provides Backup for Serial Entrepreneur

Even a serial entrepreneur can sometimes use a little extra help when launching a product in a new space. Such was the case with Alan Arman, founder and CEO of 3X Systems, a Columbus-based developer of remote backup appliance (3X RBA) for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs).

Arman first conceived of the 3X system while engaged in one of his previously launched businesses, a technology services firm that provided managed IT support to SMBs. IT operations in SMBs traditionally called for data backup and disaster recovery protocols that were predominantly dependent on manual processes that were highly susceptible to both human error and technical failures. While online backup provider solutions were becoming more available, Arman soon realized that these options were both expensive and impractical for his SMB clients. With a business’ critical information residing in a remote data center sometimes thousands of miles away, data updates and restoration could be cumbersome and time consuming depending on the amount of data involved. Plus, subscription fees for such services represented fixed costs the SMB had to incur here for more


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