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315 Tech Corridor - Where did it go??

I was leafing through Sunday morning's Dispatch and came upon and story entitled
The gist of the story was that the movement to turn 10,000 acres along Rt. 315 into a place that would attract research and technology companies and that all involved needed to show the will to turn potential into results. It was an exciting vision.

2 years ago Columbus announced plans to turn 10,000 acres along Rt. 315 into a place that would attract research and technology companies. It even launched a website touting the plan ..(click here to access) and local leaders were quick to endorse the plan. 

Let me share with you an excerpt from the master plan ---


To make central Ohio a premier international destination, a place where energy, creativity, technology, entrepreneurship, science, research and medicine intersect, fuse and emerge as whole new theories, solutions and products. The Corridor will be a place where man and machine devise new answers for critical world challenges and where smart capital and jobs produce new opportunities for today and the future.

• To become an internationally recognized center for cutting-edge research and development.
• To build upon the deep research strengths that already exist in the Corridor, including: advanced materials; ag-biosciences; applied health care; high-speed computing; information and knowledge management; life sciences and environmental management; and sustained solutions to 21st century energy needs.
• To foster an entrepreneurial environment entrepreneurial that doubles the number of ideas that translate into patents and potentially marketable products/solutions.
• To attract and keep the best and brightest minds, particularly the 25-44-year-old skilled workforce so essential to economic development in the next decade.
• To enhance the depth and breadth of workforce skills and capacities in critical science, technology, engineering and mathematics areas. 

• To strengthen an economic engine that has the capacity to be the foundation of central Ohio’s economic future.
• To more than double the number of jobs in the Corridor in the next two decades.

Business Objectives – By the end of 2006
1. Create or adapt an existing entity that can help guide critical Corridor activities and crucial collaborations;

It seems as if we as a community never got off ground zero with the first business objective listed above. The movement never found its coach. (see this Business First story).  It concerns me that a community, touted as a up and coming top 10 tech city, can't find a coach in a city full of chiefs.

What do you all think? Do we need to create a 315 tech corridor or is the status quo good enough for us? Are we playing to win or not to lose?

Links to other stories:

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Blogger Mike Bowers said...

Great catch on the Dispatch article Ben. You are right on with this post. I have said from the beginning the only part of this project that we could have confidence in seeing completed was the areas around OSU and Battelle because they would lead the completion of their parts. There was no real leadership in other areas, although Ohio Health could have push the Riverside hospital development.

Due to the cast of characters changing and lack of focus this project has fallen apart. If you want to see leadership and how to get things done look to the City of Dublin. Their commitment to the development of the Dublin Innovation Park which is anchored by the Innovation Center at 7003 Post Rd should be the model. The key with this, leadership and commitment something the the 315 Corridor project lacks.

September 16, 2008 at 7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had some conversation on this about a week or two ago. Our lease is up in 2010 - 2013 and we're deciding if we should move.
The 315 Corridor was a 'previous administration' initiative and it doesn't appear that it's gotten the same level of "oompf" since.

I think people like Gordon Gee and a few select others are still interested.

My guess is that it will increment its way. The big question: Who of us in Industry are going to make the bold move to locate in the area and create the corridor in spite of the red tape?

September 17, 2008 at 2:06 PM  

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