Friday, June 20, 2008

Show me the money - companies to watch - $400k invested in local start-ups

TechColumbus announced that four start-up companies in Central Ohio will receive investments to help them grow their businesses. The investments have been made through the TechColumbus Regional Commercialization Fund and TechGenesis Grants, which are financed by the Ohio Third Frontier Program and local investors.

“These investments will help these four local start-ups further develop their products and strategies so they can succeed in the global marketplace,” said Ted Ford, president & CEO of TechColumbus. “The ultimate goal is to identify and assist companies, like these, that have high-growth potential to be very successful, to generate substantial revenue, to attract further investment, and to create high-wage jobs throughout the region."

These investments are part of a $22.5 million initiative – known as TechStart – that will drive the launch of new technology-based companies in Central Ohio over the next three years. TechGenesis Grants are designed to help very early stage companies and precompany commercialization opportunities validate their market and their product. The TechColumbus Regional Commercialization Fund is designed to invest services and money in companies that exhibit the best opportunities to build a scalable, high growth company that can attract follow-on capital. Both funds are available to technology companies, including IT, healthcare, advanced materials, and others, in the 15-county Central Ohio region. To date, TechColumbus has invested $2.0 million in 15 companies as part the TechStart program.

The following company received investments from the Regional Commercialization Fund:

Brand Thunder LLC (Dublin, OH) $250,000 – Brand Thunder has simplified internet browser customization which allows corporate brands to easily maintain a more persistent presence with their internet consumer which results in more frequent visits and increased revenue. Through a simple software installation, end users can change the look and feel of the internet browser and enjoy an immersive experience from their favorite sports team, music group, movie, and television show or internet site. Built in collaboration with corporate brands, the custom-browser themes feature official logos, colors, content and functionality, but can also extend capabilities to incorporate video, music players or other internet widgets. Current clients include the NHL, NCAA, Go BIG Media, The Huffington Post, Starpulse and Universal Music.

The following companies received investments from TechGenesis Grants:

ColdPhase Corporation
(Pickerington, OH) $50,000 – The Coldphase Corporation has developed a more efficient and cost effective way to package and ship products that need to remain cold. The Coldphase Corporation Packaging System (CCPS) changes the way climate controlled shipping occurs by keeping the packaged product at a consistently cold temperature longer than any product currently on the market; saving transportation dollars by extending the time available for the shipping cycle and using sturdy, reusable, and recyclable materials.

Got Game Media LLC (Pickerington, OH) $50,000 – Game Media is a sports information software organization. Its mission is twofold: To improve how colleges and universities recruit and attract high school student athletes; and, second, to become an advocate for high school athletes and their parents. GotGame has software tools and services that take the guessing out of being recruited and finding the right recruit.

ODSM, LLC (Westerville, OH) $50,000 – ODSM is developing a noninvasive, portable, method of determining orthostatic hypo-perfusion of the brain. The main objective is the prevention of falls which are commonly caused by brief drops in blood pressure in response to standing up from a prolonged recumbent posture. Such falls are a common cause of hip fractures, head injury and litigation.

Company Contacts:

Brand Thunder LLC– Patrick Murphy/614.408.8202/

Cold Phase – Joseph Altomonte/614.755.5405/

GotGame Media LLC – MarKel Snyder/614.402.1636/

ODSM - Tracy Amigo/

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