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Monday morning muses - April 28, 2008 - The bucket list and making a change

OK - here's a little something to start your day.

1. Take a out a piece if paper
2. Close your eyes and ask yourself the question
3 . "What are 10 things that I'd like to do before I kick the bucket?"
4. Take a moment to write down the list.
5. Ask yourself the question - "What holds me back from doing some of the things on my list?"

For some of you it's time, for other's it's money, for many it's a fear of the unknown and not knowing where to start.

In case you had something about starting a business or getting involved with a startup on your list let me suggest a few items to kick start your efforts.

1. Go down to the local library (reserve a few hours) and spend some time reading Fast Company, Inc, and Entrepreneur magazines to learn about other's who've taken that leap into entrepreneurship. (mmmm...isn't it amazing how those entrepreneurs aren't really any different than you and I...they just decided one day to make it happen and had the strength to work through the hard times)

2. Open your outlook calendar and schedule 15 minutes a day to read up on what's happening in the world. Bookmark the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, Columbus Business First, and Columbus Tech Blog. (get a world, national and local view of things)

3. Network, network, network - Go to the TechColumbus website, look at the schedule of the events and attend something. Reach out at the event, hand out your business card, and look for ways to help someone out. (learn something new and pay it forward).

Whether it's starting a business or something else don't procrastinate. I bet if you take 5 minutes you can figure out a way to move forward on something on that list. Do it now.....


Here's a simple model to consider regarding change:

The Change Model Formula (Change Equation) is:

D x V x F > R


Dissatisfaction x Vision x First Steps > Resistance to Change

It is important to note that the three components must all be present to overcome the resistance to change: Dissatisfaction with the present situation, a Vision of what is possible in the future, and achievable First steps towards reaching this vision.

If any of the three is zero or near zero, the product will also be zero or near zero and the resistance to change will dominate. (translation - the status quo will continue to exist and the words should have, could have, if I only ....continue)

P.S - this equation is also very useful in organizational situations - long lasting change only occurs if you have all three ingredients. Without D,V, and F you''ll just end up spinning your wheels.

Peace Out,



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