Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Clear sailing for ClearSaleing as clients come calling for ad analytics

Clear sailing for ClearSaleing as clients come calling for ad analytics

Advertising has always been a tricky business. With the dawn of advertising on the internet, that tricky situation became an impossibly intricate one: a dizzying array of mouse clicks, website "hits" and page referrals.

While companies jockeyed to accurately measure the success of internet advertising, Columbus-based ClearSaleing Inc. has become a leader in ensuring its clients are getting the most bang for their online advertising buck.

ClearSaleing, founded in 2006 with help from the Ohio TechAngel Fund and TechColumbus, partners talent pooled from Google, electronic commerce leader ECNext, eBusiness Solutions and top online marketers. The company has gone on to develop software that accurately attributes profit and return on investment across the varied online marketing touch-points that eventually lead to more business for its clients.

"We're fully focused on advertising analytics, which is tracking every form of traffic brought to a website," says Adam S. Goldberg, one of the company's founders and its chief innovation officer.

Goldberg, who jumped to ClearSaleing after helping start Google's first inside sales team, says it's not enough to track just the end result of website visits, which is what most tracking systems do now. Instead, ClearSaleing focuses on every step along the way.

"Now, when a marketer look at their online ad investments, they have a better idea of which ones are profitable, and how profitable they are. Those that aren't, they can fix or put their money elsewhere."

Recently named TechColumbus' Product of the Year and a product marketers "Can't Live Without" at the Search Engine Watch Awards, ClearSaleing has nearly 100 clients that include names like Goodyear and Stanley Steemer. The company's also growing fast, with 40 employees -- a number Goldberg says could be increasing soon.

Source: Adam S. Goldberg, ClearSaleing
Writer: Dave Malaska


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