Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Taste of Startup Alley

A Taste of Startup Alley

A hundred startups lined-up the Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt. Here’s just a small taste of some of the interesting companies that over 1,700 attendees were able to see:


6rounds, which we wrote about in a previous post can be best described as a snazzy one-on-one video chat product.

At TechCrunch Disrupt, 6rounds announced a new API for developers of game, entertainment and collaboration-based apps. With the API, developers can easily integrate all the rich and interactive functionality of 6rounds, including gifting, video effects, and the ability to add multi-user functionality to single player games and videos.


AppFirst provides real-time visibility into the performance of individual applications within application stacks. The idea behind AppFirst’s SaaS-based performance management is to provide visibility into the performance and operational characteristics of applications regardless of language, application type or location (cloud, physical or virtual servers).

With this type of visibility organizations can flag changes before they become problems and have a negative impact on internal users, or external customers.

AppFirst is NYC-based with backing by FirstMark Capital and First Round Capital.


Seven months after we wrote about its closed beta, RankAbove is pushing its automated SEO analysis product, Drive, into open beta.

Drive is intended for sites with a minimum of 1000 pages, up to several million. It performs everything from keyword research and on-page analysis, to link building and acquisition.

For the open beta, RankAbove made some product improvements such as new backlink analysis tool, daily updated competitive analysis, opportunities to find organic relevant backlinks and a new UI. If you’re at Disrupt, stop by their booth for a free site analysis.


sProphet (Sports Prophet) lets fans share sports knowledge by predicting outcomes of real sporting events. For example, they can predict which baseball batter will have the longest batting streak in the MLB this week.

Users play with virtual money to challenge their friends and arrange group prediction tournaments.

sProphet is offered through a destination site, via a Facebook application and soon through a widget which will be offered to partners such as sports sites and portals.

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6rounds image
Founded: February, 2008
Funding: $1.5M

6rounds is a live meeting point.

It’s a truly unique, exciting and interactive online environment, offering users a variety of experiences that they enjoy together. Using a combination of webcams, real-time games, social activities and media… Learn More

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AppFirst image
Location:New York, New York, United States
Founded: 2009
Funding: $1M

AppFirst is a SaaS-based application monitoring tool that provides in-depth visibility of an application, helping companies proactively identify and address potential performance issues, plan for future growth, and gain understanding of their… Learn More

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RankAbove image
Location:Jerusalem, Israel
Founded: April, 2007

Founded in January 2007, RankAbove quickly became a leader in the search engine optimization field, due to a combination of technology, innovation and creativity.

RankAbove continues its focus on technology and innovation by developing Drive(TM)… Learn More

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sProphet  image
Location:New York, New York, United States
Founded: December 30, 2009

sProphet is a social gaming platform that offers users a new way to share, participate and make predictions about real sports events. Learn More


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