Monday, April 12, 2010

Zappos CEO on How To Deliver Happiness with Social Media [INTERVIEW]

Zappos CEO on How To Deliver Happiness with Social Media [INTERVIEW]

After visiting Zappos almost a year ago for a Mashable article on their approach to social engagement, I decided to follow-up with CEO Tony Hsieh on a subject of increasing interest to more people: how to engage social media in ways that foster happiness.

Hsieh is an early adopter and active user on Twitter and has helped pioneer an approach to social media that is informative, engaging, and fun.

In the following interview, Hsieh talks about a range of subjects, from the four categories for all his tweets, to the importance of happiness both personally and organizationally, to the biggest mis-perception people have about him.


Mashable: How do you decide what to tweet? Does the potential for happiness the tweet could bring impact your decision-making?

I tweet at least once a day and my goal is to have each of my tweets fall into one or more of these 4 categories (ICEE): Inspire, Connect, Entertain, or Educate — all of which I believe are somehow related to happiness. I get a lot of requests from people (including many Zappos employees) to send out a tweet promoting them or something they’re doing, which I generally turn down because it doesn’t fall into one of the ICEE categories.


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