Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So Where Does This iPad Thing Fit? | dynamIt blog

So Where Does This iPad Thing Fit? | dynamIt blog

By Kevin Pfefferle
I’m writing this post – you guessed it – on my iPad.
I’ll admit I was a bit underwhelmed by Steve Jobs’ initial keynote announcement of this new device. Caught up in the pre-announcement hype, I suffered with many others what my fellow roller coaster enthusiasts call “anticipointment” – the device had been so over-hyped that no announcement would live up to the other-worldly expectations we had fabricated in our own imagination.
After this initial reaction to the keynote wore off, I began to really think about the implications of the iPad. It’s not just a big iPod Touch… IT’S A BIG IPOD TOUCH! I started imagining all the possibilities for apps that could take advantage of the increased real estate – the same apps that have transformed the way I interact with the world on the iPhone could do so much more with the extra screen space and raw computing power of the iPad. The more I saw video of the iPad in action, the more I realized it could have a huge impact on how people interact with information via Web. I got myself so excited, I camped outside my local Best Buy for 15 hours before the launch and ended up being first in line at the store.

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