Wednesday, February 17, 2010

eTech Ohio and the Ohio Historical Society Debuts Remarkable Ohio App

Mobile Application Showcases Ohio’s History in Every County   

(Columbus, OH) – eTech Ohio and the Ohio Historical Society are proud to present a new iTunes Application (App), Remarkable Ohio. The Society, in collaboration with the Ohio Channel, developed the Remarkable Ohio Web site on which the App is based. This resource is the first mobile application developed by eTech Ohio, an agency dedicated to enhancing education through technology.   
“Remarkable Ohio is a distinctive App that can be used in or out of the classroom to differentiate instruction and provide enrichment activities in Ohio history and related content areas, by students, parents, history buffs and Ohio travelers,” said Kate Harkin, eTech Ohio Executive Director. “This App is an example of how eTech Ohio is mobilizing technologies that today’s students are already using.”
The Ohio Historical Markers identify, commemorate and honor the important people, places and events that have contributed to the state’s heritage. Each marker includes details about the historical significance at that site. The markers program, administered by the Ohio Historical Society, is a vital educational tool, informing residents and visitors about significant aspects of Ohio’s past. From John Morgan’s infamous Civil War Raid and the invention of the cash register, to the birthplaces of Gone with the Wind’s Clark Gable and crooner Dean Martin, these markers have transformed the state’s landscape into a constellation of interesting places, people and events. 
 “For more than 50 years, Ohio Historical Markers have transformed our landscape into a visible and tangible history lesson for residents and visitors alike,” said Burt Logan, Executive Director and CEO of the Ohio Historical Society. “These signs are a passport to the state’s historic places; and now our collaboration with eTech Ohio to produce the Remarkable Ohio App along with our ongoing partnership with the Ohio Channel on the Remarkable Ohio Web site will bring Ohio’s history to more people using current technology.”
There are more than 1,300 markers located in communities across the state that recognize Ohio's rich cultural history. The Remarkable Ohio App allows iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to view historical markers, read about the site’s historical significance and capture the markers on their mobile device. Photos taken by the resident or visitor can be sent to the Ohio Historical Society or uploaded onto the Remarkable Ohio Web site at The Remarkable Ohio App also lists the markers by county and includes the marker number which allows users to search for specific markers in their own community.   
To access the Remarkable Ohio App, one must have iTunes, an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and wireless access. Visit Apple’s Apps Store and search for “Remarkable Ohio.” Follow the simple directions to download and install Remarkable Ohio on your mobile device. A free download of iTunes is available for personal computer or Mac users at


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