Monday, November 2, 2009

SyberMed Gaining National Attention for its Simple Yet Innovative Biomedical Product

Source: TechColumbus

SyberMed, a local startup developing a new way of securing IV tubing, is getting national attention for its innovative Linebacker medical device. Developed by David Sybert, a local anesthesiologist with Ohio Health, the Linebacker is a simple way of securing IV tubing to a patient’s arm without using tape. Tape presents problems because it often comes loose when it comes in contact with blood, sweat or other fluids.

Sybert’s invention uses a Velcro-type strap that includes an area with adhesive for holding the IV tubing securely in place. Sybert says his invention was so simple, so low-tech, that he thought that if he applied for grant money, he would be “laughed out of the room.”

But TechColumbus’ venture development team saw the innovation behind the simplicity and in 2007 gave SyberMed a $50,000 TechGenesis grant to conduct market validation studies which showed an immediate need for the product. The TechColumbus TechGenesis fund is dedicated to pre-seed and very early stage companies who use the funding to validate the business opportunity of an idea or innovation. The fund is made possible by the Ohio Third Frontier and local partners, including Ohio Health, through the TechColumbus TechStart program.

Now, two years later, SyberMed is gaining national attention. Not only was the company featured this week in an article posted on, but they are also now in talks with Cardinal Health about nationwide distribution of the Linebacker system.

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