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Tech Across Ohio - Jumpstart Portfolio Companies

What Does JumpStart Do?

JumpStart is a nationally recognized venture development organization that accelerates the progress of high potential, early-stage businesses. Through the depth of its entrepreneurial team and breadth of its high value resources, JumpStart improves client success in achieving the milestones and raising the follow-on capital necessary to create wealth. In doing so, JumpStart strives to create a more prosperous future for Northeast Ohio.

JumpStart strives, through its activities, to create a thriving entrepreneurial economy of prosperous companies and citizens in Northeast Ohio.

Business Products & Services

(Day-Day, Ltd.) offers in-store merchandising services and programs for urban consumers and retailers, enabling manufacturers to generate incremental sales within this “price-sensitive urban shopper” segment. Read more.
DIY Real Estate SolutionsDIY Real Estate Solutions is the developer of highly intuitive, web-based property management software solutions designed specifically for the independent rental owner and manager of apartment units or single-family dwellings. Read more.

HF Food Technologies Inc. provides innovative food technologies to enhance food flavor while minimizing fat content. Their flagship product, Nutrigras™, enables one-to-one replacement of fat in beef, pork, and other food products. Read more.
VeriShotVeriShot (fka Charitee) is an automated hole-in-one monitoring system designed to enhance player experience while generating incremental revenue for golf courses. Read more.


AMTI is developing and commercializing a line of high-tech, energy-curable, nanoparticle dispersions and coatings. The product significantly reduces ink, coating drying time and the space requirements needed for air drying large pieces. Read more.
Aria Analytics uses a novel analytical technology to characterize liquids in industry and medical testing by providing a unique acoustic signature during the drying process of a sample. Read more.
Catacel Corporation creates high-performance, low cost catalytic heat exchange and reactor solutions. Read more.

Delta Plant Technologies is developing and commercializing an alternative source of natural rubber for this $40 billion world market, while also producing useable ethanol as a byproduct. Read more.
Logos Energy, Inc. develops alternative energy technologies through two operating companies, Contained Energy LLC and Phycal LLC. Contained Energy produces direct carbon fuel cells (DCFCs) that use inexpensive, readily available carbon as fuel. Phycal is developing and commercializing systems for growing algae and harvesting commercially viable energy products from the biomass: primarily algal oil (also called lipids) and methane gas. Read more.
MAR Systems’ patented process, jointly developed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, removes metal contaminants from water and industrial fluid waste streams through the use of recycled alumina catalysts. Read more.

MesoCoat is an advanced materials company offering nanocomposite coatings and focused arc coating systems to industry. Read more.
Myers MotorsMyers Motors develops, manufactures, and sells the most affordable all-electric vehicle in America today: its single passenger vehicle, the NmG ("No more Gas"). Read more.
reXorce Thermionics, Inc. develops and manufactures the Thermafficient thermal engine, which recovers thermal energy from a wide variety of thermal sources that are transformed into useable electricity, cooling, and heating. Read more.

RSP Tooling has commercialized a process for manufacturing dies and molds by spraying atomized molten tool steel onto a ceramic negative. This patented process reduces production lead times and produces tools with increased tool life. Read more.
Stanton Advanced Ceramics’ patented FireSlayer™ ceramic technology operates in the highest temperature, most severe thermal-cycle, and highest-corrosion refractory environments in existence. Read more.
Wireless Environment designs light-emitting diode (LED) lighting products that improve the convenience and energy efficiency of current lighting solutions. Read more.

Consumer Products & Services

Embrace Pet Insurance is a direct-to-consumer provider of pet health insurance policies. The company has developed proprietary veterinary actuarial tables and offers a highly customizable menu of insurance options. Read more.

STACK Media is the nation’s leading producer and distributor of sports performance, training and lifestyle content for high school athletes and the high school sports community. Read more.


AnalizaDx, LLC is a cancer diagnostics company that has developed a proprietary technology to improve cancer detection, diagnosis, progression, and prognosis. Read more.

CardioInsight Technologies Inc. is commercializing patented electrocardiographic imaging technology that non-invasively images electrical activity on the surface of the heart. Read more.

CerviLenz™, Inc. 
is a manufacturer and marketer of a patented, FDA-cleared device to predict preterm birth risk in pregnant women by accurately measuring cervical length. Read more.

Freedom Meditech, Inc. is a developmental stage medical device company focused on the commercialization of novel technologies for the management of diabetes. Read more.

Great Lakes Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical stage company focused on developing and commercializing products that prevent infections associated with indwelling catheters. Read more.

Juventas Therapeutics is a Cleveland Clinic spinoff company developing novel regenerative therapies for cardiovascular disease. Read more.

Neuros Medical, a Cleveland, Ohio-based neurostimulation company, is focused on developing neurostimulation therapies for unmet needs to patients worldwide. Read more.

Synapse Biomedical Inc. is focused on the development and commercialization of minimally invasive neurostimulation technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative impairments. Read more.

Telerad Express provides remote daytime radiology interpretations, performed with rapid turnaround, by highly specialized radiologists. Read more.

Tursiop Technologies, LLCTursiop Technologies, LLC is developing MRI coil devices utilizing proprietary nanotechnology that will produce higher image quality and faster scan times resulting in a significant boost of the functional capabilities of any installed MRI system. Read more.

VasoLux MicroSystems, LLC has developed a novel diagnostic imaging system to help surgeons identify later-stage osteoarthritis patients who are best suited for cartilage repair procedures or joint replacement surgery. Read more.

Information Technology

Ayalogic’s flagship software, Green-Ear, allows developers to easily add text and video chat, voice morphing, private channels, and much more to video and PC games at a relatively inexpensive price. Read more.

Banyan Technology
 provides manufacturers and distributors with real time control over freight costs by enabling them to communicate with their carriers through a single web-based interface. Read more.

BSKLive, Inc.'s flagship product, StaffKnex, is a web-based application that combines staff scheduling, work requirements, employee qualifications, business rules, and communications into a highly automated staff management system. Read more.

ComSense Technology, Inc. manufactures innovative high temperature pressure sensors that enable more precise control of diesel, gasoline and turbine engines in harsh environments. Read more.

FLX Micro manufactured silicon carbide-based pressure sensors designed to work in harsh (i.e. corrosive and/or very high temperature) environments. Read more.

iGuiders develops solutions to improve online search and lead generation for complex products and services. Read more.

InSeT Systems LLC is commercializing a patented inertial tracking system for underground mines with the mission to help miners return home safely. Read more.

Inspiron Logistics has developed a Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS), based on SMS text messaging that enables officials to manage and send emergency alerts and information instantly to any user in their system. Read more.

Knotice is an on-demand software firm that, with their breakthrough software platform Concentri™, delivers direct digital marketing solutions designed to maximize ROI through process automation, increased relevance, and improved performance. Read more.

Knowledge Sphere (dba Inspherion) operates proprietary database search and analytical tools that unlock the U.S. Patent Office database by identifying, analyzing and reporting on highly relevant competitive activity. Read more.

PreEmptive Solutions, Inc. is a developer of software “obfuscation” and size reduction products designed to help businesses secure their intellectual property assets. Read more.


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