Thursday, June 25, 2009

Leading - Challenge The Process— Generate Small Wins

By Andrew Lewis

Generating small wins is a significant aspect of the practice of Challenge The Process.

The same feeling a consumer gets from endowed progress can be realized through a leader that utilizes the power of small wins. It is important to note that endowed progress uses artificial advancement towards a goal—as authentic leaders there should be nothing artificial in our work. However, the general concept is nonetheless applicable.

When we create the opportunity for small wins for our teams we form the basis for a consistent pattern of winning. These small wins build people’s confidence and reinforce their natural desire to feel successful. Small wins also deter opposition—it is hard to argue against success. (especially important as we challenge the status quo)

Small wins make the project or goal seem doable within existing skill sets and resource levels—minimizing the risk of trying something new. Once these small wins are accomplished natural forces are set in motion that favor stepping out toward the next small win on the path to the larger objective.

If your team members see you as asking them to achieve that which they are quite capable of doing, they feel some assurance that they can be successful at the task. Their energy is directed into getting the job done; rather than wondering “how will we ever solve that problem?”

And in this they find heightened interest in continuing with the journey.

What small wins are you generating for your team?


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