Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Agile is everywhere - ITMartini

From our friends at ITMartini

Agile is Everywhere

Agile has gone from buzzword to mainstream industry practice, which all started one wintery weekend back in 2001 with a simple manifesto. At the time, it was considered only a ‘light-weight’ approach to software development - until its current, famously well-known name, was identified at that meeting.

Agile comes to Columbus Wednesday morning (6/24) with Elizabethe Kramer at Platform Lab for a discussion about bringing Agility to Business Analysts. Register to hear Elizabethe, an Agile Business Analysis Coach from Athens, Ohio, talk through the coaching and training she developed as part of her practice at Atticus Scribe LLC.

Then Wednesday afternoon, the Columbus XP User Group brings Dr. Martha Lindeman, President of Agile Interactions, to OCLC for a discussion about User Modeling. RSVP to understand how user modeling starts early in a project, by identifying users’ access points, roles, and goals - and the advantages of detailing them into task sequences on an as-needed basis.

Friday (6/26) morning, at Three Nationwide Plaza, Dustin Potts gives a guided tour of Nationwide Financial’s Agile Development Center. Ony 15 registered guests are going to be taken through the development center team space, witness an actual stand-up meeting, and be able to ask questions.

And finally, next Tuesday (6/30) morning, TechColumbus hosts a panel discussion about Agile Enterprise Transformation, with some local heavy-hitters: Linda Farrenkopf (Sophisticated Systems), Jay M. Johnson (Nationwide), Gene Johnson (Fairhaven Solutions), and Matt Van Vleet (Pillar Technologies). Register to share your Agile stories, objections, questions, and challenges.

Stay Agile!


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