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NPI Develops New Veterinary Dental Tool with Midmark - 21-Apr-09 press release or news release

NPI Develops New Veterinary Dental Tool with Midmark - 21-Apr-09 press release or news release

Columbus, Ohio - April 20, 2009 - New Product Innovations has completed design and engineering development of the VetPro 5000 for Midmark Corporation. The VetPro 5000 is the first dental tool system for veterinarians that is focused on the needs of the end-user, the patient, the marketplace, and the working environment.
Typical veterinary dental tool systems are seat-height and placed to the side, with no repositioning options. The portability of the VetPro 5000 and the flexible arm that supports the tool head allows the technicians to comfortably use the product sitting or standing as well as affording them the ability to move the entire unit around and to position it in whatever way suits them, the patient, and the situation. The VetPro 5000 is also self-contained which supports the ideal in-use situation which is to deliver the compressed air and water to the tools and take the tools the patient. The controls are located on a recessed surface beneath the tools for easy adjustment. This also keeps the controls clean, protected from overspray and debris, and maintains a safe, clean, efficient work zone.
The new product reduces the number of foot pedals to one, minimizes the number of hoses, and features a cable management system that auto-retracts placing each tool in its proper resting place on the tool head. This improves efficiency and safety allowing the technicians to work quickly and keep their eyes on the patient at all times while making tool changes and adjustments. This also eliminates the chance of tools/hoses dragging on the floor which would be unsanitary, hazardous, and cause damage to the tools—a problem with other products.
Another excellent feature of the VetPro 5000 is it’s very low-noise when in use. Animals are frightened by noises and even though the animal who is receiving dental treatment is asleep, other animals in the clinic, may be having procedures while awake. We dampened the noise of the oil-less compressor so that other animals don’t flinch when they hear the dental tools in use.
Today’s vet clinics are becoming more progressive to cater to the desires of people whose pets are beloved members of the family deserving good health care. The VetPro 5000 features a clean design aesthetic that is in line with today’s progressive veterinary clinics and offices. Considering consumer trends in pet care and the fact that good dental care is the single most important thing one can do for their pet’s health, this product is making a real difference.
In summary, the VetPro 5000 is an excellent design solution because of the following features:
  • Intuitive, ergonomically-sound, user/procedure-based design
  • Streamlined pieces and parts
  • Flexible positioning options
  • Maintains proper tool placement
  • Portable and self-contained
  • Upscale aesthetic
  • Quiet operation in providing compressed air and water
  • Improves efficiency and safety in the work environment
  • Differentiator for the manufacturer
  • Supports a high-margin revenue stream for veterinarians.

About NPI
NPI provides custom product development and manufacturing services for clients spanning the industrial, commercial, and consumer products industries. The company takes new product ideas through the research, design, engineering, and manufacturing stages to ensure that a commercially successful product is the end result. With offices in the U.S., Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, NPI provides expert design and engineering services in addition to managing quality offshore manufacturing operations. NPI has helped clients such as Midmark, Georgia-Pacific, Procter & Gamble, JohnsonDiversey, Ashland Chemical, Motorola, Owens Corning, TimberTech, and Jarden Consumer Products bring commercially successful products to market in the most economical way. For more information visit:

About Midmark
Midmark Corporation is committed to developing quality products, services and technologies that allow healthcare providers to increase effectiveness in their practices. With a full line of high-quality products for the medical, dental, digital diagnostic, and veterinary markets, Midmark’s trusted equipment helps providers deliver more efficient patient care. Headquartered in Versailles, Ohio, Midmark also has subsidiaries in Torrance, California; Orchard Park, New York; Glasgow, Kentucky; Tampa, Florida and Ernée, France. Today, Midmark employs nearly 1200 teammates worldwide. For more information visit:

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