Wednesday, February 18, 2009

State of Ohio Federal Stimulus Initiative

Message from John Carney
Representative to the 22nd House District
Office: 614.466.2473

"I have been informed of an exciting opportunity from the Governor's office. I wanted to ensure that you were aware of the portal set up by Governor Strickland to submit projects to receive federal stimulus dollars. This portal and information regarding how to bring such dollars to our community can be found at We have been given a deadline of Friday, February 20 to submit projects via this website. "

Here's the welcome message on the website -

A Message from Governor Ted Strickland

Welcome to Ohio's virtual headquarters for information regarding the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — also known as the federal stimulus bill.

President Barack Obama is currently working with Congress to pass legislation that will kick-start the national economy through investments in areas such as:

* Producing Clean and Efficient Energy in Ohio
* Investing in Science and Technology to Advance Ohio's Economy
* Modernizing our Roads, Bridges, Transit and Waterways
* Developing a 21st Century Education System
* Implementing Tax Cuts that Make Work Pay and Create Jobs
* Lowering Healthcare Costs
* Providing Assistance to Ohio Workers Hurt by the Economic Downturn
* Saving Public Sector Jobs and Protecting Vital Services for Ohioans

We must act strategically and boldly to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to make lasting investments in our state. And we must do so in a way that is accountable and transparent and meets the critical economic development priorities of our communities across the state.

This website is an interactive portal for entities to submit expressions of interest in federal stimulus dollars and to view general information about the federal stimulus. Although the bill will not be finalized until signed into law by the president, it is expected that all stimulus grant and loan funds will ultimately be distributed to governments, business and other organizations and not directly to individuals. We will provide additional information on the stimulus as it becomes available.

Thank you for your interest and for your support in continuing to build Ohio's economy. Working together, we will invest the federal stimulus resources wisely to ensure Ohio's continued economic growth.

Ted Strickland


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