Tuesday, September 2, 2008

User group spotlight - The Columbus, Ohio Rational User Group (CORUG)

Welcome to CORUG! The Columbus, Ohio Rational User Group (CORUG) is a community of analysts, project managers, developers and other IBM Rational product users.

The group has been established to increase knowledge and understanding in the use of IBM Rational products and services as they relate to achieving each member's individual companies' business objectives and goals.

By creating a local community of subject matter experts willing to share knowledge and experience, we can provide learning opportunities, solutions to problems with process, software and concepts, as well as information on the unique application of code and methodology.

The user group serves as a forum to demonstrate existing and new Rational products and services and how they might be incorporated into members' current environments. In addition we provide seminars conducted by members, IBM Rational and Third Party Vendors as well as educational information on business related certifications and training.

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