Friday, July 11, 2008

Mount Carmel and OCLC make list of top 100 places to work in IT

Congrats to Mount Carmel Health System (#9) and OCLC (#51) for earning a spot on Computerworld's Top 100 Places to Work in IT 2008 list!

Here a little detail on those two great organizations:

Mount Carmel Health System -
Founded in 1886, this health care system serves the greater Columbus area and central Ohio; it has its own nursing college and trains medical students from Ohio State and Wright State universities. The organization encourages its staffers to develop their particular area of strength or expertise, recognizes individual and team accomplishments, and offers work/life balance programs. Training opportunities include technical, managerial and personal education classes. The group has regular celebration gatherings, including the Spring Breakfast and Buckeye Chili Cook-Off. - click here for more

Employees at this nonprofit computer library service and research organization have their choice of three different retirement plans. Employees can participate immediately in the Thrift Plan by contributing up to 25% of their monthly compensation on a pretax or after-tax basis. The company matches each employee's contribution on the first 6% of the annual base compensation at a rate of 35%, which vests at a rate of 20% for each year of service and is fully vested after five years. After two years of service, employees are automatically enrolled in the OCLC retirement plan. Every month, OCLC contributes 7.15% of the employee's base salary to the plan. All contributions are immediately vested. Employees are also offered a supplemental 403(b) plan. - click here for more info

A special congrats to Cindy Sheets and Gary Houk - they are the world class leaders of those IT organizations.

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